Three Sisters Farm & Bioshelter

Three Sisters Farm and Bioshelter is a unique market garden farm situated on 5 acres in Sandy Lake, Pennsylvania.  Designed according to permaculture principles, the farm features a bioshelter – a solar greenhouse managed as an indoor ecosystem for year-round production – as well as a pond, gardens, multi-functional windbreaks, orchards and perennial crops.  

Three Sisters Farm and Bioshelter is not currently in operation and is not open for visitors.  Founder and owner, Darrell Frey, seeks to transition the farm to the next generation of aspiring farmers and permaculturists.  If you think you may be that person, please contact us.

This website is currently under development.  We look to bring you a website full of a wealth of information on bioshelters, market gardens, and other sustainable permaculture initiatives.  

In the meantime, you can learn more about Darrell and the farm, as well as our permaculture education programs and design consulting services at

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